How to Take Your Child Swimming

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Taking your child swimming is an event that can be split into several events, so to speak.  First, you need to get the baby used to water, especially if he is a baby who yells at the mere sight of water in the tub.  Then you need to introduce him to the concept of swimming.  You know, the whole paddling and kicking part.

Once you have done this, you can help him build enough confidence for him to have fun at swimming.  In fact, both of you should have fun at it.

Start warm and slow

It is best if the pool you are going to be using is warm enough for your toddler to feel comfortable.  If the water is too cold, this can only add to the stress, especially if it’s his first time.  A temperature of around 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) is great.

Also, make sure you are always next to your tot while you are at it.  Choose a pool that is close to your location.

Choose a Child-Appropriate Pool

Going to a water park is probably not the best place to take your little one.  They are usually packed with people and they usually do not allow diaper toddlers to use the pools anyway.   Pick a pool that is more family-friendly.

Most of these pools will let you take your little one in a swimming nappy. These can either be reusable or disposable.  Some pools will insist you double up with an extra nappy to avoid any leakage.

Clothes Changing

Also, make sure that the pool has enough facilities to get your child changed.  This will definitively make your life so much easier.

Some places have dressing mats and even dressing pens to prevent your little from running away while he gets changed.  As an extra advice, be practical and put on the swimming gear under his clothes.  In this way, once you get there, all you have to do is strip the clothes he is wearing on top.

A Good After Shower

It is always a good idea to give your child a shower after the pool.  Babies love it and it is a fun way to call it a day.  As a matter of fact, you can use this “warm rain” even before getting into the pool.

Make sure you put him in a snuggly towel right after pulling him out of both the pool and the shower.

Baby Swim Classes

If possible, take your toddler to swimming classes.  This could be a great way to introduce your baby to water.  Pools are designed to meet little children’s needs.

Your baby is still pretty young but if you would like to take yourself and him to the next level, get yourself some snorkels and fins to, you know, add to the fun.  Get them at your best retail store.

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