What music should children be listening to?

Music can serve as a great bonding technique between you and your child. Music can also help them with learning skills, language learning ability and improve their memory retention and IQ. but what sort of music should allow them to listen? Should you allow them free reign or control what they are exposed to. To help out, we’ve put together a few suggestions to help decide.

 Choice music that is interactive

Children learn best when they’re allowed to sing or clap along with the music. Interactive music allows them to make meaning of the music and develop their cognitive abilities. Chose music so that slows your child to easily sing and play along with it. This might take some experimenting to find what they like best.

Go for variety

Give your child a variety of different styles and music types to give them the most exposure to what music does. Music with a variety of different tones, rhythms and keys will give them the most diversity and stimulate their thinking. Try out music from different cultures as well as your own so that they can understand how different music can be.

Play a lot of your own favorite music

It’s a true fact that young children learn better from seeing rather than being told. If you want to build your child’s interest in music let them see and hear you playing a lot of your own types. Chances are whatever you listen to will grow on them and influence their tastes as they grow older. A lot of music stars have said they got much of their influence from their parents who played a lot of classical music which has influenced their own style.

Classical music

Short classical pieces can serve as a great introduction. If you’d like your child to learn an instrument play common songs on this instrument so they can get used to the rhythm and flow. Great examples include Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev and Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens. Longer versions may not hold their attention span long enough so keep it between 3-5 minutes. If you play any instruments yourself this can prove a great bonding exercise.

Slow trance

Electronic music comes in many different forms. Being so popular these days it will be very hard to escape its influence. If you listen to a lot of this music yourself you should have no trouble finding the right type for a young child. As said above variety is the spice of life so expose them to as many types as you can. DJ Krista is a wedding performer so much of her music is perfectly appropriate for younger ears.

Music to be avoided

The music should be kept ‘child-friendly’ and while children’s music is the most child-friendly it is often poorly produced and won’t stick for long with a child as they grow older. Anything with inappropriate language should, of course, be avoided though it is up to the parents to decide what is inappropriate.

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