How to Make Sure your Child Gets Enough Exercise

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If you are a mother, you know how hard it is to get children to have an active lifestyle.  Especially in these times where kids are being absorbed into more sedentary ways of living through the television, Internet, mobile technology, and video games.

This is when parents ask the same question: Is my child getting enough exercise.  The question is completely valid, especially considering that child obesity is an issue that many families are facing in North America.

Benefits of Child Exercise

The truth is that everyone can benefit from regular exercising.  In the human body, physical activity promotes a good circulation,  enhances lung resistance, builds muscle, burns calories, and many other beneficial things.  Children who are active:

  • have a leaner body
  • have stronger bones and muscles
  • reduce the probability of suffering type 2 diabetes
  • are less likely to become obese
  • have an optimal blood pressure and low blood cholesterol levels

How Much is Enough?

Is my kid getting enough exercise?  Well, it all depends.  If your child seems to be a bit overweight, then it means that he is no getting enough exercise.   But then let’s face it.  Long gone are the days of going outside to run or ride a bike.  These activities have been replaced by TV and video games.

The keyword here is moderation.  Children should understand that, in the long run, they will get important results from exercising today.

It is recommended for people of all ages to spend at least one hour a day in activities that require physical exercise.  Now physical activity does not strictly mean a fitness routine.  You can also play a sport, throw hoops, etc.  The idea is to get them burn calories.

You might want to get off the car one day and ask the teacher what is the amount of exercise they do in school.  This will give you a broader idea of how much more exercise does your toddler need.

How to Get your Kid to Move

Getting your kids to be active is beyond what you were obviously trying to pay.  Since you are a big shot, we will skip explaining how to get you into fitness.

Is your boy or girl hard to get to move?  Nothing to worry about. There are some quick tips that you can follow:

  • Find out what it is that your child enjoys.  Not everyone gets stoked at the idea of an organized sport.  Try other activities such as swimming, dancing, rock climbing, etc.  Now, be patient as it might take some time to figure out what excites your child.
  • Kids love it when their parents play along with them.  So plan a day going hiking with the family or plan to play a game in the backyard this Saturday afternoon.
  • Provide alternatives to screen watching.  Pediatricians recommend children to spend no more than one to two hours of screen time a day.  That includes TV, tablets, and video gaming. Encourage other activities such as walking the dog, playing tag, or throwing some hoops.

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