Childhood Obesity: A Very Dangerous Condition

It is so alarming that there is a significant increase in childhood obesity nowadays, and obviously the morbidity rate increases with it. The heightened  rate of this condition has brought medical professionals together to try to alleviate the effects and hinder the occurrence of this dreadful state among children. However,  they cannot do this alone, the society, specifically parents or guardians must be the first ones to partake in this. No one else can best help the children, but their primary caretakers.

To convince you more to take responsibility in preventing or help treat childhood obesity and engage them to thrive fitness, you must know the effects of this condition to your young ones. Be aware that the suffering is not only brought upon physically, but the pain they endure is beyond skin deep. The condition also affects them mentally and emotionally.

Effects of Childhood Obesity

Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension

Ingesting unhealthy food, especially high in bad fats increases the risks to hypertension, which can eventually lead to cardiovascular diseases. This can be very detrimental, especially if the fat deposits clog the arteries of the heart  or the nerves going to the brain, leading to heart attack or stroke.


Obesity can aggravate or increase the risk for diabetes. An appalling condition that can affect the organs of the body. If the blood sugar is uncontrolled it can lead to kidney failure or worse, multi organ failure. Thus, consulting a thrive personal trainer can not only give you proper advice on fitness program, but as well as guide you to a nutritional diet appropriate for your child’s age.


Children are developing their bones and muscles as they grow, thus bone mass is very essential. Consequently, children with high fat percentage compromise their bone mass leading to bone weakness and osteoporosis. And this will worsen in adulthood if they do not lose weight. Hence, it is important to have an ideal weight during the growing years.

Asthma and Sleep Apnea

70% of obese children have a higher risk of developing asthma and sleep apnea. Their breathing passages can be interrupted or constricted leading to difficulty of breathing, which then decreases perfusion and oxygenation. Young ones who have this problems experiences easy fatigability, weakness, lethargy, poor memory and difficulty in cognitive learning.

Depression and Anxiety

The mere fact that the children dealing with being overweight can be depressing for most obese children. Added by the society’s critical nature, these young ones are exposed to bullying and torments. The pain and suffering they experience is seeded deeply and when they are not able to cope up properly, this can lead to low self esteem, depression and anxiety. Some children even resort to suicide to escape the reality. It’s a sad preventable occurrence, if only primary caregivers will be able to provide the proper guidance they need physically, emotionally and mentally.

Parents and guardians should take responsibility of their children’s health. You should be there to guide them not only with what food they should eat or how much exercise they should do, most importantly, be there to support them emotionally and mentally. Also being a good role model is a proven way to teach your children to be physically fit and show them how to adhere to a healthier lifestyle. Be a good role model. Your kids look up to you. So be sure you are showing them a good example.

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